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Automatic Door Repairs

Automatic doors are an often forgotten part of our daily lives. Many stores and businesses have them installed, allowing for customers to easily enter the building. These doors are frequently made of glass and as such can suffer damages over time. If you have an automatic door that has been cracked or otherwise damaged, it is in your best interest to contact a mobile glass repair company like Bright Glass Inc.

Automatic door repairs start with the type of repair that needs to take place. If need be, we may have to do a glass replacement on your door. However, if the door can be easily repaired, we’ll be able to take care of the situation then and there.

Automatic Door Repair

In addition to your automatic doors, we can provide commercial glass repairs elsewhere in your business. If you have a broken window, we can easily repair it or provide window glass replacement as necessary.

Doors and windows are an essential part of your business, allowing clients to easily view and access your merchandise. Make sure your doors and windows are properly functioning by calling Bright Glass Inc in Orlando, FL today. We also specialize in commercial and residential glass repair.